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What is a Heatsink as Fast As Possible

I get asked all the time "what is a heatsink" and "what does it do?". This video is a little longer than usual but I felt like this topic needed some special TLC.

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EEVblog #105 - Electronics Thermal Heatsink Design Tutorial

A follow on from some of the recent blogs that have involved basic thermal heatsink calculation. This time around Dave takes you though the basic theory of thermal design and how heatsink calculations work. Then there are some real world temperature measurements to see how close to the theory we get. How do you read a heatsink thermal response graph? What is emissivity? It's all here in thermal design 101.

What is a Heat Sink?

Without the use of a heat sink, a chip could overheat which could destroy the entire electronic system. Learn more about heat sinks and why they're an integral part of thermal management.

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