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Transceivers | Optics | GBIC - Overview 1GB SFP - 100GB Optics - Part 01

Transceivers | Optics | GBIC - Overview 1GB SFP, XFP, 10GB SFP+, 40GB QSFP+ 25GB - 100GB Optics

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Products Discussed:

Finisar FTLX-8511D3 Compatible 10G XFP Force10 GP-XFP-1S 10GBASE-SR/SW 850nm:

Genuine Cisco XENPAK-10GB-LRM 10-2419-01 V01 Catalyst 6500 Transceiver Module:

Genuine Cisco X2-10GB-LX4 V04 Catalyst 6500 Series Optical Transceiver Module:

Genuine Cisco X2-10GB-SR Ethernet Optical Transceiver Module 10-2205-06 V04:

Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL SFP+ Optic Transceiver 10Base-SR SW 10Gb/s 850nm:

Arista QSFP-SR4 850nm QSFP+:

Intel X520-DA1/2 / SR1/2 Compatible 10G/1G Dual (10GBASE-SR \u0026 1000BASE-SX) SFP+:

1GB - 100GB Transceivers, Optics, GBIC

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Sound Credit:
PD Ryan : Supply 1.25~100G SFP, CFP/2, QSFP28 LR/SR transceiver. Contact: Ryan@siemaxtek.com
Tu Bella : Chinese Supplier for 1.25~100G SFP, CFP/2, QSFP28 LR/SR transceiver. and Fiber optic products ,Please contact with me : be llatu1101@gmail.com or sales2@btonnet.com .Thanks !
WizardNumberNext : correct me if I am wrong
there is no 1gb (say 1GbE) SFP+
SFP+ starts at 8GFC
I am selling those too
Dhalí Cipres : Tux :3
Itz_Le Bonnie Bunny : bitch

What is an SFP? All things optical transceivers

Jonathan from CablesAndKits explains what exactly is an SFP transceiver and why would someone need an SFP transceiver.

All Transceivers: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cat-85/
Cisco Transceivers: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco/cat-162/
Cisco Compatible Transceivers: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco-compatible/cat-163/
Other Brands: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/compatible-sfp-gbic/cat-1053/

Popular SFPs:
GLC-SX-MM: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco/glc-sx-mm/pro-755/
GLC-SX-MMD: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco/glc-sx-mmd/pro-7932/
GLC-LH-SMD: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco/glc-lh-smd/pro-8212/
SFP-10G-SR: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco/sfp-10g-sr/pro-7289/
SFP-10G-LR: https://www.cablesandkits.com/equipment/sfp-gbic-transceivers/cisco/sfp-10g-lr/pro-7767/

For more of your IT related need visit us at https://www.cablesandkits.com

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Amr Eldin : Volume down and talk.... You were acting like the fraud commercials which come on tv all night.... Were you forced to make this tutorial?.... Just talk!
Virtualmix : OK but why not using an RJ45 cable instead? This video didn't answer the most obvious question...
Alex W. : The volume is very low
Deepak Kumar Singh : Correct #dwdmotnc#discreteoptical #Norteltn #Ciena32slot #ECIXDM1000
Amarok : This background music will hunt me in my nightmares.

What Is SFP Transceiver and How Does It Work? | FS

What is SFP transceiver (https://goo.gl/Vgh7um )? This video will introduce the SFP transceiver types and how they work. SFP transceiver module is short for the small form-factor pluggable transceiver, which is used to connect network switches and other optical components in fiber transmission. In the SFP types, 1000BASE-T RJ45 SFP transceiver and 1000BASE-SX SFP module are used for short distance transmission. For long distance transmission, 1000BASE LX/EX/ZX SFP transceivers are suggested. BiDi SFP, CWDM SFP and DWDM SFP module also can be used for long distance transmission.

FS.COM provides a series of optical transceivers including 1G SFP, 10G SFP+, 40G QSFP+, and 100G QSFP28. They are compatible with many brands like Cisco, Juniper, Arista, HP, etc. For more information about SFP transceiver modules, please visit https://goo.gl/1qvCzR
Vinay Gupta : What a great explanation and people give appreciations to only incomplete explanations..The fully understandable video
Akash Shrestha : Cool
Alessio Martinelli : Nice video!
Vincent Hobeïka : Really good explanations. Thanks! Small feedback: a bit too many sound effects noises which you cannot unheard once you notice and doesn't help hearing the message clearly.
Nguyen Vinh Thanh : Thanks for this video. It helps me to understand about SFP transceiver types.




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